Hexagonal Announcement


It is with some reluctance that I must announce the INDEFINITE SUSPENSION of the Hexagonal Awareness Project blog, as of now. My living situation and long-term plans have undergone a somewhat unexpected and sudden evolution in recent weeks, and I can no longer justify the time commitment this blog requires.

Astute readers may recall a previous announcement from March regarding my intention at the time to significantly scale down the blog’s throughput. That plan was partially implemented—ultimately however I simply settled into a slightly less intense searching/queuing routine, and I’ve continued at that pace over the spring and summer. Of late I’ve been putting out about six posts a day, which is about a third to a quarter of the output prior to March. Anyway, again, the important thing now is that even this slowed pace will end. There’s nothing in the queue after this post—if I come across particularly worthy hexagonal posts from now on, I’ll probably just save them for later use rather than muddle the issue of whether this blog is or isn’t suspended. Nonetheless, I may, from time to time, reblog my own original content here, if it suits me, as well as any estimates I might develop as to when I might return (no earlier than spring 2015, but possibly quite a bit later than that). I may also at some point get around to working through my long-neglected inbox (though don’t hold your breath for that).

In the meantime, please enjoy some of the other predominantly hexagonal blogs that Tumblr has to offer, if you aren’t already:

(If I’ve left anyone out, please do not hesitate to contact me and I’ll update the list.)

As always, my primary hexagon-related web presence remains Hexnet.org—not much has happened there this year, but if and when I do return to a more fervent pace of hexagonal-awareness-raising, it will probably be seen there first.

Thank you all for your support over the past what two and a half years or whatever, and thanks in particular to everyone who has sent me words of encouragement or gratitude or what have you during this time. I have literally like never responded to any of you, and publicly responding to such praise with boilerplate “thank you” messages isn’t really my style, but your support and enthusiasm for a cause that I once felt quite alone in promulgating has meant a lot to me.

May the light of hexagonal awareness continue to illuminate the path before us.

“Then, my noble friend, geometry will draw the soul towards truth, and create the spirit of philosophy, and raise up that which is now unhappily allowed to fall down.” – Plato, The Republic


Ben Ridgeway - Sculpture 3D Printing Annimation


Ben Ridgeway - Sculpture 3D Printing Annimation